Speak for Children

The Campaign

Welcome to the Speak for Children campaign!

This campaign is dedicated to fostering a factual, positive discussion about the state of our publicly funded education system and what will be needed going forward.   

Ontario’s future prosperity will depend on giving all of our children the opportunity to realize their full potential. As we look to navigate our globalized, technology-driven world, we need to be graduating students with advanced knowledge and skills who can address increasingly complex issues.

The good news is that Ontario’s education system has been moving toward creative, collaborative 21st century learning. Our teachers employ cutting edge methods and we are a world leader in terms of inclusion and equity. As a result, our students are top performers on international tests, and respected observers point to Ontario as a model for how to support teachers, recognize diversity, and encourage student development. Recently, the education system has been further strengthened by the implementation of a full-day Kindergarten and early learning program delivered by highly trained, certified teachers.  

To continue our progress, we will need ongoing investments aimed at encouraging innovation and addressing a wide variety of student needs. We must remove barriers to learning and ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate in their community, interact with their peers, and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century. This will help Ontario to support a healthy, fair and flourishing society.  

We would like you to be an ally in our mission to strengthen publicly funded education in Ontario. Whether it is by participating in election campaigns, communicating with school board trustees and Members of Provincial Parliament, or simply talking with your family, friends and neighbours, you have the ability to shape the public discourse about our education system. On this website you will find facts and resources that can help to guide your conversations. We urge you to make use of these tools to get out there and speak for children!

This campaign was initiated by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA). More information about OECTA can be found at www.oecta.on.ca.